With more than 25 years of experience, Cultivos Marinos San Cristóbal has a modern land based, abalone farm, as well as a laboratory for the reproduction and cultivation of marine algae. Both crops are located near the city of Caldera, in the desert region of Atacama.

In 2013, our company, together with other partners, formed a new company called Casan SA , which owns an abalone farm on Tranqui Island, part of Chiloé archipelago, in the heart of Patagonia .

We produce both Asian green abalone haliotis discuss hannai and Californian red abalone haliotis rufescens. San Cristóbal is currently one of the main abalone exporters in our country.

The production of our abalones is based on the sustainable extraction of feed for abalone, which is made up mostly of brown kelp. The origin of these is both from natural grasslands, which are regulated by extraction quotas imposed by our authorities and a smaller fraction from seaweed farming.


To be a contribution to the National aquaculture through the generation of sustainable hydrobiological products, where we seek to generate value for all our shareholders and employees, under a framework of honesty, seriousness and respect. 

To be a benchmark in the abalone industry, through innovation and continuous improvement to deliver products of the highest quality, variety and safety to our customers.